Welcome to AzziArt.Gallery/LA. We are open

Welcome to AzziArt.Gallery/LA. We are open.

Modern and International Art Gallery focused on acrylic and oil on canvas, along with metal artwork, and digital artwork.



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Milly Charles


I recently saw Aziza Azizova’s art exhibit at a local restaurant and was delighted by what I saw. Azizova’s talent is apparent throughout the show. The paintings showed great variety. I loved her multi-layered abstract paintings, the rich colors and subtle compositions have distinct moods, seasons and atmospheres. Some have geometrical vision, others are more free flowing and instinctive. One painting has an autumnal palette-rust, gold, brown and black orbs and cubes dance mysteriously together on the canvas. Another painting evokes spring, in dappled greens where light and shadow play along vertical lines. The paintings invite you in, to find the meanings, sensations and impressions – universal, yet personal to each observer.

Nina Volkova


Creative paintings from the artist Aziza have amazing warmth and spontaneity. Impulsiveness and juiciness of her painting manner are precisely aimed at the main concept of the works. In the center of the compositions of man and his interaction with the space of the universe In the concept of magical harmony of whimsical dance in the plexus of human bodies and hands is born a complex and intricate pattern as a symbiosis of cosmic unity and all-pervading Love for all things. Aziza managed to Express her special bright world with minimal means, in which everyone is cozy and warm. Bravo Aziza!


In this section you can see all the artists represented in the gallery at the moment, as well as their work and biography on a separate page.

Aziza Azizova

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