Lina K Michaels (Alina Mikhaylova)


Lina is a self-taught artist. She lives in Los Angeles , California . She paint with oils and acrylics. And her passion is nature. Especially water and mountains. She love to travel, that's what inspires her. She is trying to convey the calmness and magnitude of the mountains. Appeasement, and sometimes a riot of water. She want you to feel the sea breeze and fresh mountain air. Beautiful sunsets and sunrises on the ocean are mesmerizing, and she wants to convey these magnificent moments in her paintings. Her paintings will add comfort and warmth to your home. For her is, the process of drawing is meditation, and She put a piece of love into my work. She’s trying different styles, depending on her mood, it can be abstraction, realism, fine art. Abstraction was her main fear, but one day She overcame this fear and took acrylic and created her first works in the abstract style. After that, she realized one thing, creativity is freedom, no rules. These are our feelings, emotions and sensations. This is how we see the world. With the help of abstraction, any emotion can be conveyed. At the same time, everyone will see something special.