Eva Schultz

Gallery Artist

Kazakh artist Evgeniya Shultz, working in the direction of ethno-design: unique paintings in the art-felt technique, batik, bone carving. 

Evgeniya is a member of the Union of Designers of Kazakhstan and the Eurasian Union of Designers.

Since 2015, Evgeniya has been a regular participant in the events of the US Embassy and Consulate in Astana, as well as republican and international exhibitions. During her work, she received author's certificates from the National Institute of Intellectual Property of Kazakhstan. These are scientific and methodological developments on the stylization of felt, catalogs of author's women's clothing and accessories, a short film "Pearl Heritage". A large number of personal art exhibitions and training workshops, the uniqueness of fine art is of great importance for the development of positive international relations through an appeal to art. 

In July 2021, the artist was awarded state awards: medals of the President of Kazakhstan K. Zh. Tokayev for the development of Kazakh folk art and journalism. 

"Wool painting" by Evgeniya Shultz is known far beyond the borders of the republic. Her works are in private galleries in the USA, Germany, Austria, Japan, Belgium, Switzerland and CIS countries.

Now there are several paintings by Eva Shulz in the Azzi Art gallery LA:

"Zher Su" or "Eye of the Earth"
The painting "Zher Su" was made by the Kazakh artist Eva Schulz using the author's unique felting technique, that is, from pressed wool.  There are no analogues of the painting in the world, the work of art is exclusive, belongs to the series "Hymn of the Great Steppe" and has a certificate of copyright protection.
Tengrianism was considered not so much the first religion, but the worldview of the nomadic people.  Tengri is the spirit of the sky, respectively, in Tengrism it was the name of God.  Zher Su (literal translation "Earth water") was one of the most powerful goddesses protecting people.  Sometimes she was called Mother Earth.  Everyone dreamed of being under the auspices of the goddess Zher Su.
In order to come to the rescue in time, the goddess had to see everyone and know everything.  Therefore, the center of the picture is a huge eye.  It is sometimes called the "Eye of the Earth".  Scattered across the canvas are petroglyphs (rock paintings), denoting all life on earth and in water.  Behind the "Eye of the Earth" is the silhouette of the palm, this is the so-called "Hand of Fatima".  This is the talisman of several religions at once - Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and others.
Thus, this work in the technique of artistic felt is a double amulet for its owner and has great mystical significance.
The picture is a talisman, protects the house, family, promotes fertility, gives good luck in love and family relationships.

“Flamingo Dawn”
The Legend of the Pink Flamingos
“In an area where beautiful palm trees grew, long-legged, transparent white Flamingo birds lived.  Suddenly, a drought began, everything burned out, people were dying of thirst.  When the birds saw that the children were dying, they began to pinch off pieces of meat from their small bodies and feed the human children.  One day at dawn, people saw that the drought had stopped, the trouble had passed.  But the feathers of beautiful white birds turned pink from blood and remained so forever.
The beautiful pink color was given to the birds as a reward by the Higher heavenly powers as a reward for self-sacrifice and devotion to people.
The painting is made by the artist using a unique felting technique and is presented to the viewer as a symbol of fidelity in love, a symbol of unearthly beauty and heavenly patronage.
The work of art is made in a single copy, has a certificate of copyright protection.

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