Liudmyla & Mykola Rybenchuk

Gallery Artists

Mykola and Lyudmila Rybenchuk are professional artists. Artists work in the field of monumental and easel painting.
Mykola Mykolayovych Rybenchuk, monumental artist, icon painter. Honored artist of the arts of Ukraine, awarded the gold medal "For sacrifice and love of Ukraine" by Metropolitan Epiphany. Mykola Rybenchuk works in the field of monumental and easel painting. He painted many Christian Churches in Ukraine. Mykola Rybenchuk's easel paintings show the beauty of nature through the effect of color. The main task of the artist is to depict beauty through pure, harmonious combinations of colors. The artist has developed his own author's style of painting. The artist uses pure colors, without mixing more than two colors, depicts volume and perspective with beautiful pure colors, which gives the paintings additional exceptional imagery. Paints are made by the artist himself. Uses natural organic pigments, wax, and linseed oil, which provides and guarantees durability and color stability.
Recently, the artist paints pictures on the theme of war. The pictures depict children who survived the war. The artist's paintings are in museums and private collections of various countries around the world. The paintings are in private collections in Canada, the USA, Poland, Germany, and France.
Artist Mykola Rybenchuk held many personal exhibitions and took part in international exhibitions.
Lyudmila Rybenchuk is a monumental artist, icon painter. She was born in 1973 in Kyiv, Ukraine. In 1995, she graduated from the Lviv Academy of Arts, a professional artist. The artist works in her own author's style. Produces paints according to its own technology, based on natural pigments and natural wax.
Thanks to this, the paintings are environmentally friendly. She took part in international exhibitions, has personal exhibitions, took part in the painting of churches in Ukraine, paintings are found in private collections in America, Canada, and European countries.