White Goddess of Light

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Size : 20x24 inch
Category : Abstractionism
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2020. In the life of every person there are a lot of different events. These can be very bright and happy moments when a person radiates love, kindness, light and happiness, and sometimes these are moments in which we go through life's trials and gain great experience. And these lessons do not go unnoticed. On them we grow spiritually and extract useful information and become wiser with each new experience gained. In the center of this picture is the White Goddess, who, despite everything that happens around, remains bright inside. She can always defend in this fight against the forces of darkness. She stands firmly on her feet, she is dressed in bronze armor, she has a heart of gold. She holds a sword in her hands, which symbolizes endless protection and patronage. She is a source of Light and radiates light, and no one can break her. She is a strong, harmonious and spiritual being, sent to Earth to bring Knowledge and Light to each of us. Look deeper into the picture and you will see many more details... This picture will perfectly fit into the design of any interior.