Universe. Waterfall of Colors

Price: 50000 $
Size : 12x9 inch
Category : Abstractionism
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2019. It is my first abstract painting. I create this painting in March 24, 2019. In this picture, I wanted to show and convey how unusual and beautiful the Universe is. How much secrets and undiscovered in it. How many colors, unexpected twists and possibilities it hides in itself. How many possibilities it gives to everyone and how everything fits together and beautifully in it. The core of this picture is light and stability. You can see all the elements in it. Everything moves and functions together and harmoniously complements each other. The picture was written by me in one breath! I always feel connection with our boundless universe, the creator, with my ancestors. The picture gives strength, harmony, purity, light, beauty, kindness, positive attitude. So much love and potential energy is contained in it! I am infinitely happy that now I can express my thoughts and emotions on canvas. The picture is charged with my positive energy of love, light, kindness, joy and happiness. The picture will successfully fit into any interior design.