Life is like a Dance in the Universe

Price: sold out
Size : 24x20 inch
Category : Abstractionism

2020. This picture was written by my after a turning point and a decisive stage in my life. I had to think and understand a lot. Understand who I am and what is my role in this life. There has been a complete reassessment of values. I have grown spiritually and continue to develop in this direction. Thanks to my experience and the lessons that fate has given me. I fell what a powerful connection is between me and all living beings on earth, how everything in this life is intertwined and in harmony with each other, and how we are inextricably linked with the universe. The picture was written by me in gratitude to the universe and the creator for our destinies. Being in harmony, we are spiritualized and each of us dances our own dance, radiating and receiving the energy of goodness, love, light and joy. And this dance is endless... The picture will perfectly fit into any interior design. 25 posters available, order at the gallery.

Art collector: Julie Goll, Pacific Palisades, CA (2021).