Art exhibition “India” by Ronen POLLAK at the AzziArt Gallery LA

Apr 28, 2024 08:46 by Kamila

Art exhibition event at the International AzziArt Gallery LA, curated by AZIZA Azizova.
Opening reception May 18, 2024.

Exhibition dates: May 18-May 28, 2024.
Ronen Pollak is a Los Angeles based artist. His work has been showcased and sold in galleries and museums both locally and globally, with locations including Los Angeles, Laguna Beach, Santiago Chile, London, Japan, Vienna, Israel, Australia, Peru and India.

Ronen's art is both representational and an abstraction of life be it physical or spiritual. He uses mixed mediums which allows him to express himself in both colorful expressionist paintings, as well as, black ink line drawings. Ronen lives with a mission to bring forth the beauty of emotions, nature, human struggle, and light.

Art has been at the center of his life since the young age of three. In addition to being an artist, Ronen is a published poet and musician, art teacher and curator. Traveling worldwide and experiencing various cultures has also shaped his work as an artist. He is dedicated to highlighting the things that sometimes go unnoticed, and to telling stories and touching hearts. His work, therefore, is an ever evolving extension of his life. @azzi_art @azziart.gallery_la,


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