New Dimension of Life

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New Dimension of Life
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Size: 60×40 inch
This painting, "New Dimension of Life", represents my life during my marriage to my ex-husband. It is a tunnel, deep underground, from which it took a very long time to emerge in order to see the light. Walking along in this dark gray, cold tunnel you can see islets of lighter gray. One block follows the next, one dimension follows the next. Days go by, then weeks, months, years, and eventually the girl, full of light, kindness, and calm, overcomes all the trials and tribulations of that life. She sees the sun shining brightly, giving her the ability to appreciate a new light in this world. Emerging from the tunnel, she leaves the light emanating from her soul and allows the light to permeate into the tunnel. And starts a new phase of her life, bright, warm, filled with energy and endless happiness. The picture will perfectly fit into the design of any interior.

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