Nuri Alieva

Gallery Artist

Flowers are the most beautiful gift from nature. Beautiful, incredible, simply amazing! There are not enough words to describe these unique creations. Harmony and versatility, elegance and fragrance can be seen in each flower. And what a huge diversity of them can be found in nature - from lush and bright to low-key, but still equally valuable. Garden flowers and wildflowers, all of them equally inspire artists, poets and musicians. Immortal works of art are devoted to them. Flowers are irreplaceable companion of men in the world of art: architecture, sculpture and painting abound in their images. People for centuries decorated themselves with flowers - they wove wreaths made of them, embroidered buds on clothes, created fragrances. Flowers have been a decoration for men throughout life, and they are still a key element to this day. Over time, flowers have acquired new symbolic meanings, thereby becoming part of the mythology of different countries and peoples. Artists encrypt stories, messages, and even their opinions about the person depicted with flowers.

 Just like for most of my fellow artists, flowers are one of my main sources of inspiration. But my creativity and love of art were strongly influenced not only by flowers, but also by my country of birth, Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan is striking in its extraordinary contrasts of nature, which seem can only be found in different parts of the Earth. Snow-covered mountaintops coexist with juniper forests and the richest highland pastures associated to the indigenous way of life in Kyrgyzstan. Wild mountain rivers and crystal clear lakes. Pure mountain air and unique aromas. I was surrounded by all this beauty when I came for the summer holidays to my grandparents who lived at the incredibly beautiful Issyk-Kul Lake framed by mountains. A wonderfully beautiful lake where every change of weather, every sunset, and every reflection of clouds in its waters has given me love for art and endless inspiration. 

At the age of 11 I entered the School of Fine Arts, and after graduation I entered the Art College in the Faculty of Painting. After graduation, I exhibited in Moscow at  «Tuman Art» Gallery, at Vernissage in “Museon” park,  at exhibition halls of the Central House of Artists (Krimsky Val, 10),  at «Art Salon» by Alexey.